The Top Three Cannabis Research Stories of 2017

Successful stage III clinical trial for cannabidiol (CBD) treatment of epilepsy in children (New England Journal of Medicine, May 2017)

Randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled studies are the gold standard in clinical research, but this study design has been lacking in medicinal cannabis research until now. Scientists tested the effects of oral CBD (Epidolex from GW Pharmaceuticals) on seizure frequency in children with a type of epilepsy that cannot be managed with traditional anti-epileptic medications. CBD reduced the number of monthly seizures by 39% compared to 13% by the inactive placebo. This benefit was associated with only minimal side-effects. CBD’s ability to reduce seizures in this difficult-to-treat patient population adds further support for cannabis’ medicinal potential and strongly argues for the removal of its Schedule I classification.

The Top Three Cannabis Research Stories of 2017

A chronic low-dose of D9-THC

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