‘The TTC has gone overboard’: No pain relief for subway driver who needs cannabis oil

When subway operator Ellaine Farrell found solace in cannabis oil, she thought it was the better way.

She had been on oxycodone for pain relief for two herniated discs in her lower back, which she injured as a TTC night revenue collector around 2009. The pain was always maxed out to “a 10,” Farrell said, and taking opioids only dulled the sharpness to “an eight.” The drugs also made her feel “spacey” and sleepy, but she was always allowed to take them on the job.

“Oxycodone makes me sick, it wreaks havoc on my stomach, on my mood, my physical overall,” she said. “I was (working) in collectors, so I was in the booth, and I was never told not to take it or when to take it, so I took it when I needed it, when I was in pain.”

Farrell is at the centre of a contentious labour dispute — whether employees,

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