Cottage Grove man back in federal custody after cannabis oil lab explosion – The Register

A Cottage Grove man hospitalized in November after a cannabis oil lab explosion has been jailed for allegedly violating supervised release conditions in a marijuana-related money laundering case.

Federal authorities booked Eric Leighton Scully, 34, into the Lane County Jail on Wednesday. Scully appeared Thursday in U.S. District Court in Eugene, where Magistrate Judge Jolie Russo ordered him detained as a potential flight risk and danger to the community.

A detention hearing is scheduled for next Thursday.

Scully was convicted last year in federal court of overseeing a money laundering scheme in which he used a Eugene coffee kiosk as a business front to distribute marijuana to other states. He completed a 90-day prison sentence in March and began a three-year term of supervised release, which involves regular check-ins with a federal probation officer.

While on supervised release, Scully is prohibited from using illegal drugs

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