Cannabis Stock Report: Don’t Call It A Comeback

On Wednesday a reinvigorated Massroots Inc. (OTCQB:MSRT) announced their new plan of attack to gain market share in California’s recreational market which opens on January 3. The company quoted stats from ArcView Market Research showing that California’s market expects to grow to $6.5 billion by 2020. As a “leading technology platform” for the cannabis industry, MassRoots hopes to attract both consumers and business in the upcoming new year.

MassRoots is a social media platform where users rate various strains and cannabis products based on different variables. These variables include whether or not the product efficiently treats pain or helps in treating epilepsy.Consumers can then make educated purchasing decisions based on crowd-sourced reviews of individual products at different dispensaries. Advertising on the platform brings in revenue from the business community.

“We believe California offers the opportunity of a lifetime for MassRoots and its shareholders,” stated MassRootsCEO Isaac Dietrich. “There are thousands of

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