Partners in Huge Cannabis Therapy Operation Planned for Australia Apply for Licenses

Two companies that plan a huge cannabis-growing and research facility in Australia have applied for licenses to run the operations, whose products could benefit multiple sclerosis patients.

MYM Nutraceuticals and PUF Ventures Australia asked the Australian Office of Drug Control for both medical cannabis and cannabis research licenses.

The applications come at a time when medical cannabis use is increasing. Studies worldwide have shown that it can alleviate symptoms of a number of diseases. The benefits that cannabis-based therapies offer multiple sclerosis patients include less pain, less muscle stiffness and less urgency to urinate.

Approval of the applications will pave the way for PUF Ventures, PUF Ventures Australia and MYM Nutraceuticals to create the Northern Rivers Project in the province of New South Wales.

It will include a 1.2-million-square-foot greenhouse to grow cannabis, a 10,000-square-foot laboratory, other research facilities and a training center. Its medical cannabis and other products will be aimed at the Australian market. The first

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