This year’s Happy Smackah faces grim cancer prognosis, puts hope … – Longmont Times

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Braden Stevenson, the 2017 Happy Smackah, is still in good spirits despite recently receiving grim news about his cancer prognosis.

Stevenson, 17, was diagnosed with osteosarcoma in late 2016 and underwent surgery and chemotherapy this year.

Surgeons told the Longmont teen and his family on Tuesday that the cancerous nodules in his lungs had increased from 12 to 40, making surgery an unwise choice.

That news means that doctors are fairly confident Stevenson’s cancer can’t be cured medically. He is going to be set up with hospice and will take an oral pill to continue chemotherapy and limit his time at the hospital.

But Stevenson and his mother, Amy Ronzani, are determined not to give up.

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