UF Health Conducts New Study On Medical Marijuana’s Possible Effects On HIV

A new study on marijuana’s health effects on people with HIV is launching after the University of Florida received a $3.2 million grant from the National Institute on Drug Abuse in August. Participants are currently being selected and interviewed after UF Health released the announcement of this study in late October. Researchers have recently visited local clinics to talk to possible participants.

The study is believed to be the largest study to date on the topic and will follow approximately 400 Floridians with HIV over five years who use marijuana medically or recreationally. The study will also follow approximately 100 HIV patients who do not use marijuana.

The study was approved and received funding after two previous proposals failed. This followed the approval of Florida’s Amendment 2 in January, which granted citizens with serious illnesses, including HIV, legal access to medical marijuana.

“The main questions we will ask will be:

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