Healthy Living: Cannabis oil being used to help pets with pain and anxiety

Medical marijuana is not just being used to help humans. The UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine is conducting a first-of-its-kind survey to learn more about the effects of medical cannabis on pets.

Six-year-old Ein is one big ball of energy. Sometimes too much for Emily Duesbury to keep up with.

“One of the best investments I’ve made is starting to use CBD oil with him,” Duesbury said.

CBD Oil is extracted from the hemp plant and Emily uses it on her puppy at least twice a day, not just for his anxiety, but also to help with pain.

“We’ve noticed that he doesn’t hop and skip as much he has an easier time taking longer walks, too,” she said.

“Unfortunately we don’t have a lot of research that has been published on both the doses that are appropriate in animals,” said Dr. Jamie Peyton, who works with US David Vet Hospital.

She recently launched

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