Cannabis Component Could Help Treat Symptoms Of Dravet Syndrome: Study

CBD may be able to decrease the number and severity of seizures among those suffering from Dravet syndrome, according to a new study from the University of Washington.

Dravet syndrome is a serious form of childhood epilepsy that can lead to cognitive impairments, autistic-like behaviors, and early death.

“It’s a very serious matter for the children and their families and their caregivers,” said William Catterall, a lead researcher and professor, and former chair of UW pharmacology. “It’s a huge burden on the healthcare system. Even though it’s a small number of people, they require lifelong care.”   

Numerous labs under the UW Department of Pharmacology worked together to conduct a preclinical trial looking at CBD and Dravet syndrome in mice.

The researchers found that the mice had shorter, fewer, and less severe seizures with the administration of CBD. The mice also experienced a reduction in autism-like social interaction problems.

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