Taking care of canna-business: How UCalgary marijuana research …

As the federal deadline for cannabis legalization draws nearer, work done by O’Brien Institute for Public Health researchers is lighting the way for policymakers in Alberta, and across the country.

When the Alberta government went out looking for evidence — cold, hard facts about marijuana that could inform a made-in-Alberta strategy with respect to federal legalization — back in June of 2016, it came knocking on the door of the O’Brien Institute’s Health Technology Assessment (HTA) Unit, at the University of Calgary’s Cumming School of Medicine.

The result was the Cannabis Evidence Series, an exhaustive look at cannabis on five key topics: health effects and harms, medical cannabis, advertisement and communication regulations, experience with legalization in other jurisdictions, and the current Canadian context. It is one of the most comprehensive examinations of cannabis compiled along the road to legal marijuana.

“It was a huge piece of work,” says Fiona Clement, PhD,

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