Investors Could Reap Global Rewards of Research Into Medical …

With cannabis set to become legal for recreational use in July 2018 in Canada, and usage of the product for medical purposes steadily rising both in Canada and worldwide, cannabis companies have ramped up their efforts to make new scientific discoveries related to the plant’s medical uses. Companies leading the quest to demonstrate the potential of cannabis in a medicinal context are Veritas Pharma (CSE: VRT) (OTC: VRTHF) (FRT: 2VP) (VRTHF Profile), GW Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ: GWPH), Canopy Growth Corp. (OTC: TWMJF) (TSX: WEED), Aphria, Inc. (OTC: APHQF) (TSX: APH) and Aurora Cannabis, Inc. (OTC: ACBFF) (TSX: ACB).

Among companies seeking to produce clinical data to validate medical marijuana claims, Veritas Pharma (CSE: VRT) (OTC: VRTHF) (FRT: 2VP) has carved its own niche with a multi-front approach to identifying the potential of its cannabis products for ameliorating a

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