Austin’s First Cannabis Oil Dispensary Is Ready to Grow …

Austin mother Katie Graham plays a delicate balancing act. Her 7-year-old son Elliot struggles with a severe form of epilepsy, known as Lennox-Gastaut syndrome. He’s tried various medications, including drug trials, over the years to quell its symptoms. “It’s like having lightning storms in your brain several times a day,” Graham said of her youngest son’s disorder. “It’s been devastating for his cognitive development.”

With few language and interactive skills, Elliot, who’s also diagnosed with autism, has recently begun to incur insomnia and digestive problems, possibly a reaction to the handful of new drugs. Graham stresses how tricky it is to ensure that Elliot’s medicine helps reduce his seizure episodes without inflicting harmful side effects. “There’s a honeymoon period where the medicine will control seizures but after a while, it stops working,” she said. “It’s a frustrating journey full of progress and regression.”

After watching the CNN documentary “Weed,” in which a

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