Dad who begged for double amputation says Billy Caldwell’s cannabis oil stopped the pain

The incredible plight of epilepsy warrior Billy Caldwell has attracted global attention and now it seems he is helping others struggling with all sorts of health issues.

The 12-year-old’s mum Charlotte was the first person to openly carry medicinal cannabis into the country despite the possibility of being arrested, and since her son started the natural regimen he has been seizure-free.

Billy’s medication includes THC but the oil made in his name by a US company, Billy’s Bud, does not and now it is being used by thousands of people all over Ireland and beyond in a bid to deal with various debilitating ailments.

Today we speak to three people who claim the CBD oil has worked miracles for them.

Al Creighton was in so much agony that he begged his doctors to amputate his legs.

But today the dad of three says he is walking unaided, virtually pain free.

And he puts the

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