Two New Import Deals Hurry Medical Cannabis Into Australia

It’s been almost two years since Australia legalized medical cannabis, but for many patients, access to critical, cannabis-based medicine is still impossible. Restrictive licensing and scheduling schemes, confusing overlap of state and federal regulations, and a lack of training within the medical community have combined to keep the system stagnating.

One of the most important pieces of the puzzle, however, may be finally falling into place: distribution. This month, two Australian companies announced deals to distribute cannabis-based medicines in the country.

Melbourne-based HL Pharma announced last week that it will commence sales of Satipharm medical cannabis products to Australian patients with appropriate prescriptions. Satipharm, a Swiss pharmaceuticals manufacturer owned by Harvest One, will distribute medical cannabis in the form of Gelpell CBD capsules. The capsules use proprietary dose delivery technology which, according to Harvest One, has favourable bioavailability in comparison to the spray delivery

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