Tourette drug from San Diego’s Abide passes early clinical trial – The San Diego Union

A drug from San Diego’s Abide Therapeutics shows evidence of safety and signs of potential benefit in treating Tourette syndrome, the company said Tuesday.

The early stage Phase 1b trial was conducted in 19 patients who got a single dose of the drug. The placebo-controlled study found a 10 percent reduction in symptoms, which was statistically significant, Abide said. There were no serious side effects.

In addition to being welcome news for Abide, the trial result is also positive for The Scripps Research Institute. The research on which Abide is founded came from the labs of Scripps Research professors Ben Cravatt and Dale Boger. Scripps licensed the technology to Abide.

The technology inhibits a common class of enzymes called serine hydrolases. These enzymes are involved in various diseases, such as obesity, diabetes, infections and neurological disorders, including Alzheimer’s disease.