East coast company looks to hold clinical trial for medicinal cannabis

A North Island hemp grower says he’s a step closer to the clinical trials of homegrown medical cannabis after meeting health officials today.

Manu Caddie hopes his trial will result in products that are much cheaper than those currently on the market.

Mr Caddie told the Ministry of Health his company Hikurangi Hemp can provide safe, local and cheap medical cannabis, and wants to undertake a clinical trial.

“This will be the first time a products been grown in New Zealand, and taken to clinical trial in NZ for manufacturing and licensing as a NZ medicine and potentially for export,” said Mr Caddie

Hikurangi was last year granted a licence by the Ministry of Health to grow a trial crop of industrial hemp and now has 5-thousand plants. 

“Initially it was to create jobs on the east coast. We saw the highest value products from the hemp in the therapeutic end of things,” he said.


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