Meet The Countertop Oil Infuser ‘Giving Control’ Back To Cannabis Consumers

In a word, LEVO is about ‘control.’ 

So says the chief creative officer of the countertop oil infuser that’s taking the cannabis space by storm.

“We’re really trying to give control to the [cannabis] consumer: control over their own ingredients, control over the potency, and control over what they make,” Olivia Harris tells Civilized.

What really differentiates LEVO from other cannabis oil-and-butter-infusion devices on the market, however, appears to lie in what it lacks. 

The brand promises: “no messy straining or clean-up and no more emulsifiers, solvents or additives required to infuse.” It also doesn’t include pre-set temperature and time settings, “allowing you complete creative control over your recipe.”

In a nutshell, it’s designed to “make infusing cannabis foolproof, so that anyone can do it”, says Harris.

LEVO users simply pack the pod with herb, pop it in the reservoir, add oil, set their desired time and temperature, and let LEVO do the rest of the work. The result, according to Harris? A

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