Canine cannabis: Why some veterinarians are advising against giving pot to pets – WSAV

SAVANNAH, GA- A controversial method of treating pets with marijuana is sweeping the nation.

While marijuana in Georgia is not legal for humans, cannabis extract for pets is. More veterinarians are prescribing cannabis extract, hemp seed in the form of oil or capsules, to treat arthritis, cancer and anxiety in pets. However, although the cannabis extract has low levels of THC, Veterinarians cannot guarantee that their furry patients aren’t getting high.

Kari Jenkins, the Medical Director for Tybee Island, Whitmarsh and Savannah Animal Care, told News 3, “the good news is that pets don’t have to do higher logic or operate motor vehicles, anything like that, so some of those complex functions that we worry about being bothered in humans aren’t as big of an issue in dogs.”

However, Jenkins does not recommend the product to her patients because pets vary in size, breed and metabolism, and the correct dosage amounts for each are

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