Touching Bases with Cannabis-Infused Lubes: Which One Is Right For You?

Cannabis-Infused Lubes

With all the mind-blowing, cannabis-infused lubes coming to the market, we wanted to take a look at the main lubricant bases—silicone, oil and water—and find out why you might choose one type over the other. It’s an important decision. Some are better for underwater play, while others feel fantastic but can destroy condoms. Still, others offer compatibility with condoms and toys, as well as easy cleanup. And for the ladies, one thing all cannabis-infused lubricants have in common: you’ll feel it in ways no ordinary lube can offer. Owner and creator of Velvet Swing personal lubricant, Mistress Matisse, puts it succinctly: “Your pussy will get high.”

There are three main lube bases in the recreational cannabis market. Here’s what you need to know about each in order to take your next sexual experience higher, and find out which one is right for you:


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