Two Thirds Of Pain Patients In A New Study Used Cannabis To Get Off Opioids

Two out of three pain patients were able to replace opioids with cannabis in a new study, further illustrating the dire need for drug policy reform in those states hardest hit by the country’s ongoing opioid epidemic.

The study by Aclara Research surveyed more than 400 patients and 500 pharmacists on medical marijuana and opioid addiction.

Among polled patients, 67 percent said they were able to quit opioids once they had access to a state medical marijuana program. Another 29 percent said they were able to reduce their opioid use thanks to cannabis. That means only four percent of those surveyed did not have their opioid use affected by cannabis.

Moreover, 30 percent of the patients polled by Aclara said they were able to quit all prescription drugs after they started using cannabis.

Among pharmacists, 87 percent of those surveyed said medical marijuana should be legal, and 69 percent said

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