UP Manila strongly opposes legalization of medical marijuana

MANILA, Philippines — University of the Philippines Manila expressed its strongest objection to the proposals to legalize medical cannabis as it poses a serious threat to public health.

In a statement, members of the Technical Working Group on Medical Cannabis Legalization and faculty members said House Bills 6517, 180 and 4477 which propose to legalize marijuana risk the health and safety of Filipinos.

“We strongly oppose medical cannabis legalization since this will expose our citizenry to unnecessary harm and the risk of poor health outcomes,” UP Manila said.

While the university recognizes that some patients who do not respond to standard treatment may benefit from medical cannabis, the members of the technical working group said there is no need for any new legislation to allow access to marijuana.

The university also expressed their strong objection on the conduct of local scientific studies to determine the long-term efficacy and safety of medical cannabis in legitimate

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