Medical Weed Research Wins By Landslide In Veteran Survey – Patch

Medical marijuana has a powerful ally after the American Legion, the largest veteran organization in the United States, released the results of a study on Thursday outlining veteran support for medical marijuana research. “In political terms, it’s a landslide,” said Joe Plenzler, the American Legion’s Communications Director.

Ninety-two percent of veterans, and caregivers of veterans, support research into medical cannabis and 82 percent think medical cannabis should be legalized outright. Support for medical cannabis extends beyond age groups and political affiliation. Often seen as a safer alternative to opioids for pain, and to Benzodiazepine for anxiety, medical marijuana is getting immense support from the veteran community.

The American Legion already called for the removal of cannabis from the schedule one class drug list, which includes drugs like heroin and ecstasy. With the results of the survey, announced at a press conference Thursday, the American Legion is now also calling on government officials

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