Israel Leads Research into CBD for Asthma, Inflammation

Renowned Israeli cannabis researcher Prof. Raphael Mechoulam announced on October 26 that he would begin research on efficacy of CBD treatment on asthma.

He, Dr. Francesca Levi-Shaffer, and a team from the Multidisciplinary Center on Cannabis Research at Hebrew University will conduct the research. UK biotech startup CIITECH has commissioned the studies.

In 1964, Mechoulam was the first researcher to single out cannabinoid THC–the psychoactive component of cannabis–and he is recognized globally as the foremost expert on cannabinoids and the endocannabinoid system. said that Mechoulam’s team would focus on “a possible inhibitory effect of a derivative of cannabidiol (CBD) on allergic airway inflammation.”

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“We are looking forward to investigating whether the anti-inflammatory properties of CBD

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