Mum claims cannabis oil has helped her daughter, 9, ‘become alive’ for the first time

Mum claims cannabis oil has helped her daughter, 9, 'become alive' for the first time
Katrina replaced all her daughter’s medication with cannabis oil (Picture: Caters)

A nine-year-old girl who suffers from 19 chronic illnesses has become a ‘whole different person’ since she started taking cannabis, her mum said.

Katrina Spraggon replaced daughter Kaitlyn’s cocktail of medication with cannabis oil – and says the impact has been remarkable.

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Before she began taking the oil, Kaitlyn was bed-ridden and unresponsive, but it has turned her life around, and she has even laughed for the first time ever.

The family from Queensland, Australia even made her a marijuana-themed ninth birthday cake as they credit the drug with changing her life.

Katrina, 35, said: ‘The first time I tried cannabis

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