‘Let’s Study’ Cannabis: Bill Nye The Science Guy On The Need For Reclassification

Bill Nye may not be a fan of consuming cannabis, but like any good Science Guy, he recognizes the need for research.

“I don’t like the smell. I just don’t like it. One time in college I tried it, and I’m not good at smoking. I didn’t put in the hours to get good at smoking,” says Nye at the beginning of a new interview with NowThis, adding (presumably for the benefit of his interviewers): “but you guys knock yourself out.”  

Nye goes on to describe how Washington State – his one-time roost – has garnered “a lot of tax revenue” since legalizing cannabis in 2012.

“It’s no longer criminalized,” he says. “We don’t spend money on the police department. We spend money regulating the industry in the same way we regulate other substances.”

Nye suggests it’s a shame that cannabis is classified as a Schedule I drug, as this stands

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