Don’t Look to the Feds For Progressive Answers on Opioids

Federal drug studies are filled with problems when it comes to data on opiod use.

In a pronouncement issued Wednesday, the Trump Administration’s Opioid Commission has ignored the voluminous research finding that states with medical marijuana availability have fewer opiate-related overdoses, hospitalizations, and traffic accidents, as well as less opiate use and abuse than do states without medical marijuana laws.

Instead, in a letter to Trump, commission chair and New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie harkens to a single study using decades-old data. “Recent research out of the NIH’s National Institute on Drug Abuse found that marijuana use led to a 2 ½ times greater chance that the marijuana user would become an opioid user and abuser,” the letter states. “The Commission found this very disturbing.”

The cited study looked at participants who admitted

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