The CannaVan Helps Marijuana Researchers Drive Around Some Roadblocks

(Sam Brasch/CPR News)

Keep your eyes out for a Dodge Sprinter van around Boulder. What looks like a nondescript cargo van is actually a cutting-edge marijuana research lab.

It’s nicknamed the Mystery Machine or the CannaVan, and researchers are using the mobile lab to drive around federal drug laws.

That’s because there’s just one source of marijuana for clinical research in the United States. It’s a 12-acre cannabis farm at the University of Mississippi run by the National Institute on Drug Abuse. Researchers have to battle through piles of paperwork to request the drug.

“Pass through all those hoops and your government marijuana arrives in the mail,” says Cinnamon Bidwell, a researcher at the University of Colorado Change Lab. The interdisciplinary lab studies brain science, health and addiction.

The problem?

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