Cannabis oil enters as new cure

Hyderabad: Cannabis oil was used by a 69-year-old woman to treat breast tumour which was diagnosed by doc-tors in the West.  It caught the attention of researchers and the UK’s St George’s University has taken it up for research. The woman was diagnosed with 33 mm tumour and it has shrunk to 4 mm now. The cancer was found to spread to lymph nodes and it has reduced from 25 mm to 10 mm. 

These changes occurred when she started using cannabis oil. There have been testimonies which claimed cannabis oil helped cure cancer. According to researchers, cannabis compounds are found to kill malignant cells. However, trials have not yet been carried out on humans. 

Dr Srinivas C., a senior oncologist, said, “These methods have to be researched to be used at the clinical-level. Currently, the protocols are chemotherapy, radiotherapy, surgeries and personalised treatment. There are claims made from time to time.” 

Cannabis oil

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