Grandmother-of-10 ditches chemotherapy after she claims CANNABIS oil caused her cancerous breast tumour to …

A grandmother-of-ten has claimed her cancerous breast tumour has shrunk to an eighth of the size since she started taking cannabis oil.

Lin Coxon was told she needed aggressive treatment – including eight rounds of chemotherapy – but has now opted to not have it. 

The 69-year-old’s cancer had also spread to her lymph nodes and she has said these have now reduced by more than half.

Her case has now sparked the interest of scientists at St George’s, University of London, who are studying cannabinoid treatment of cancer in mice. 

Lin, from Derby, said: ‘Going public with this was a big decision but I do not feel I can morally keep this to myself any longer.

‘I cannot say cannabis oil will work for anyone else but my experience would seem to show it is worth trying.

‘I feel people have nothing to lose especially if they are waiting for chemotherapy.’ 

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