Mum, cannabis and me to screen tomorrow

A FILM about medicinal cannabis to help New Zealanders and doctors better understand the science, regulatory and health aspects is showing in a special screening at the Dome tomorrow evening.

The 30-minute documentary film Mum, Cannabis, and Me – The Right To Informed Choice, by the University of Otago’s Victoria Catherwood, challenges the laws and taboos against the use of medicinal cannabis.

It follows the journey of Ms Catherwood’s mother, Dawn, who began using cannabis after she was diagnosed with terminal cancer.

According to the film, medicinal cannabis is used by 1 in 20 Kiwis over the age of 15 and about 175,000 New Zealanders suffering from chronic diseases were having uninformed conversations about treatment options with their doctors.

Ms Catherwood said she aimed to reduce harm by equipping doctors and the medical community about the relevance of

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