Weeding through marijuana: Experts, advocates talk cannabidiol …

“Some cannabis plants have only THC, some have only CBD, and some have both. THC gets you high, and CBD does not,” Scialdone explained via email. “That’s because THC binds to a receptor in the brain that CBD does not bind to.”

All prospective “budtenders,” the industry title given to dispensary workers who handle marijuana sales, study an extensive guide detailing the different spectrums of cannabinoid.

“We only sell the ones with THC,” Roots Rx budtender Brooke Abercrombie said.

The Eagle-Vail branch of the Native Roots store even has a cannabinoid specialist on staff to answer questions and help customers sift through the plethora of products and options.


Hemp balms are what Pierson uses and credits for giving her life back and enabling her to hike Colorado 14ers again. Prior to using the balms, which contain CBDs, Pierson’s knees would swell like

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