Focus Group Study Explores Reasons Consumers Prefer Cannabis Edibles to Smoking

According to research by RTI International, an independent nonprofit research institute, cannabis consumers in legal states prefer edibles to smoking or vaporizing, citing lack of odor, no secondhand smoke, discreetness, convenience, longer lasting and less intense highs, and “edibles’ ability to aid in relaxation and reduce anxiety more than smoking.

The study was conducted via eight focus groups – four in both Denver, Colorado and Seattle, Washington – in February with 62 total participants.

However, some participants indicated that they didn’t like the delayed effects, unpredictability of the high, and “inconsistency of distribution of marijuana in the product.

“No participants in either location mentioned harmful health effects from consuming edibles as a concern,” the authors noted.

Sheryl C. Cates, lead author for the study and RTI senior research public health analyst, added that for some participants “consuming edibles provided better pain

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