The Average Cannabis Consumer in Legal States Spends Over $100 Per Month on Pot, Study Finds

With a market value that has quickly skyrocketed into the multi-billion dollar range, the recreational cannabis industry has become an economic beacon for the few states that have successfully implemented full-scale legalization. Clearly, much of this worth is being driven by legal buyers who have made trips to their local retail pot shops a normal part of their daily lives. A new study, conducted by LendEDU, showcases some surprising data about recreational cannabis consumer trends, providing more insight into the financial habits of customers.

After conducting a poll on 1,000 pot users in states that have legalized recreational cannabis, the researchers found that the average marijuana consumer spends around $111.05 per month on products. In fact, 27.6% of the responders claimed to spend more on legal green than they do eating out at restaurants. The study goes a bit more in-depth on these trends, stating that the average legal buyer

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