Study: Illinois patients use medical marijuana as an alternative to …


In the first peer-reviewed study of Illinois medical cannabis pilot program, researchers hear stories about how patients are leveraging cannabis against the negative effects of opioid use. 

The 30 subjects interviewed most commonly qualified for the state’s medical cannabis program by having either rheumatoid arthritis, Crohn’s disease, spinal cord injury/disease, or cancer. 

Douglas Bruce, associate professor in the Department of Health Sciences at DePaul University, said many of the patients interviewed used cannabis as a counter-measure against opioid-based pain drugs. 

“Patients described to us three types of approaches to using medical cannabis,” he said. “One, as a complementary approach, one as a tapering method of getting off of prescription drugs, and one as an alternative approach without using prescription drugs at all.”

Cannabis patients worried about many different facets of opioid-based drugs, including “toxicity, dependence, risk for overdose,” Bruce said.

Bruce acknowledged that it’s a small sample size but the point of the initial research

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