Legal cannabis linked to 66% rise in traffic deaths in Colorado: Study reveals surge in fatal motor accidents since …

The legalization of cannabis in Colorado has been followed by an explosion in numbers of road traffic deaths, hospital emergencies and crime, a US drugs agency report said.

It also said that the state – viewed as a testbed for the drug’s decriminalization – has become a base for illegal shipments of it to the rest of the United States.

And despite the claims of lobbyists that strict regulations would prevent any increase in cannabis users, the numbers of young people who were regular users went up by 12 percent.

The findings, set out by officials working for the US National Drug Control Strategy, follow a similar setback for drug decriminalization in the other country which has carried out a closely-watched experiment, Portugal. 

It also comes in the wake of a major research study which found that using cannabis increases the likelihood that someone will

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