French Study Suggests Legalisation Of Cannabis Increases Consumption If Regulation Is Not Handled Properly

Last week I attended Cannalex in Paris, a conference presenting the results of a study conducted by French academics comparing regulation experiences of cannabis in the States of Washington, Colorado, and Uruguay.

The results show that reforming cannabis is no easy task. This study focused on the context in which the reforms took place and their impacts on the economy, user behaviours and criminality. Even though all three States took different approaches to engage their reforms, they ended up facing the similar problems whether it would be a relevant public health plan or the ability to foresee criminality adaptations to the legalisation of cannabis.

Context of legal reforms

Uruguay and US States both have high rates of cannabis use and permissive control policies but there are differences. In the US, political reform came from “the bottom up”: organised civil action led to referendums where the population voted in favour of cannabis legalisation; whereas

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