Alameda trustees don’t want marijuana businesses near schools

ALAMEDA — Trustees with the Alameda Unified School District want any marijuana business to be at least 1,000 feet from any school, pointing to research that shows marijuana can be especially harmful to young people.

Trustees also want revenue generated from pot clubs and dispensaries — predicted to be up to $1.6 million annually — used for education and counseling students, especially since their use of marijuana could rise after it becomes legal.

“Whatever we as a community can do to limit this risk to our children is a step in the right direction,” Trustee Jennifer Williams said.

School district leaders have no authority to determine where marijuana businesses may be located or how the tax dollars should be spent.

But they still want to send a message to Alameda officials as they now work to craft rules for cannabis in Alameda.

“We think there is definitely (going to be) an impact on the students

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