Yet Another Study Claims Cannabis Can Help Opioid Addicts Wean Off The Powerful Painkillers

A new study out of Illinois is adding to the growing body of evidence that cannabis may help opioid addicts wean themselves off the powerful painkillers.

The study, conducted by DePaul and Rush universities, is thought to be the first peer-reviewed and published research of medical marijuana patients in Illinois.

In a sample of 30 medical marijuana patients, some reported that cannabis allowed them to reduce or eliminate their use of prescription medications altogether, according to the researchers. 

“One of the most compelling things to come out of this is that people are taking control of their own health, and most providers would agree that’s a good thing,” said lead author Douglas Bruce.

“But the lack of provider knowledge around what cannabis does and doesn’t do, the difference in products and ingestion methods and dosing, is all kind of a Wild West.”

The study comes after the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and

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