Talking To Your Kids About Cannabis Won’t Encourage Them To Smoke It: Study

Contrary to popular prohibitionist belief, being open with your kids about cannabis isn’t likely to encourage them to consume it.

This seems to be one of the key takeaways from a new study by the University of Washington, which found no evidence that talking to pre-teens about alcohol, drug and tobacco use will prompt them to experiment with said substances.  

The study – conducted by the UW Social Development Research Group and published in the most recent issue of the Journal of Adolescent Health – studied the changing behaviours of fifth- and sixth-graders via school-based surveys.

Among two groups of students – one polled in fifth and sixth grade and another polled solely in sixth grade – researchers found that substance use did not increase in the wake of survey participation.

“We hope [this] puts community members at ease about collecting data in the schools for prevention purposes. It’s a relatively unobtrusive, inexpensive method

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