Focus on Medicinal Marijuana: Navigating the path to commercialisation of cannabis-derived compounds

The medicinal qualities of cannabis have been recognised since at least 2800 BC, with cannabis featuring in ancient Chinese and Indian medical texts. Although the use of cannabis for medicinal purposes has been known for centuries, research into the pharmacological properties of the plant has largely been limited due to its illegal status. Despite this, the recent legalisation of cannabis for medicinal use in Australia has fuelled interest in research on the biochemistry of cannabis and how the chemical components of cannabis mediate its therapeutic effects. Importantly, legalisation has occurred in conjunction with an injection of funds to support clinical research on medicinal cannabis, resulting in the establishment of a number of specialised research centres and clinical trial programs (e.g., The Lambert Initiative for Cannabinoid Therapeutics and the Centre for Medicinal Cannabis Research and Innovation). The outcome of this research activity is essential to develop robust treatment regimens that are

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