Cannabis Dispensaries To Thank For Rise In Denver Home Prices: Study

Having a cannabis dispensary in your neighbourhood may increase the price of your home; at least, this has been the case in Denver, Colorado, according to a new study.

University of Wisconsin Madison researchers found that Denver home prices in the immediate vicinity of a recreational cannabis dispensary have gone up dramatically since retail sales were legalized.

Researchers compared Denver home prices from 2013 to those in 2014, the first year of recreational cannabis sales. They concluded that single-family homes within 0.1 miles of a dispensary experienced an 8.4 percent increase in price, while homes in Colorado municipalities that had legalized retail sales saw a six percent increase in that same period.

“The presence of retail marijuana establishments clearly had a short-term positive impact on nearby properties in Denver,” said researcher Moussa Diop of UW Madison.

“This suggests that in addition to the sales and business taxes generated from the retail marijuana industry,

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