Aston Villa star’s brain damaged 6-year-old niece ‘saved’ by …

The parents of a young brain damaged girl who once faced regular seizures have credited cannabis oil with saving their daughter’s life.

Six-year-old Jayla Agbonlahor, whose father Charisma is the brother of Aston Villa star Gabby, was rushed to hospital just days after her first birthday when she mysteriously stopped breathing.

Doctors have been unable to diagnose exactly what happened to the young girl, who was left unable to walk, talk, eat or drink and wracked by regular seizures after the attack.

Mum Louise Bostock tried everything to help her little girl, from medication to having her blessed in the holy water at Lourdes.

When medics at Birmingham Children’s Hospital told her that Jayla was resistant to conventional medication she turned to cannabis oil in desperation and was amazed to see it helping her daughter.

Mum Louise Bostock said she will do anything she can

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