Researchers Say Marijuana Caused a Woman in the Netherlands to Have Spontaneous Orgasms for a Month

With cannabis products of all kinds flourishing under America’s spreading legalization laws, an entire marijuana sub-market has emerged to combine kush and kink, with THC and CBD-infused lubrication, pipes that double as sex toys and strains specifically formulated to put you in the mood. But for one woman in the Netherlands, one night of cannabis-fueled sex lead to an entire month of spontaneous and incredibly uncomfortable orgasms that doctors say could be linked to the woman’s continued weed use.

According to the Miami Herald, the woman, a 40 year-old known only as “Mrs. A,” is the subject of a new article from the Journal of Sex and Marital Therapy, with researchers claiming the incident is the first recorded connection between marijuana and spontaneous orgasms.

In the scholastic journal, authors Marcel Waldinger and Dave Schweitzer describe a scene in which the

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