McDonald’s is top fast food choice for pot smokers, study shows

McDonald’s was the most popular fast food choice among cannabis users, a study showed.


McDonald’s has become quite the fan favorite with stoners, a new study reveals.

The chain was shown the most popular choice for marijuana users in states where it was legalized, according to research by Green Market Report and Consumer Research Around Cannabis.

The research was conducted in cities such as Portland, Ore.; Denver, Colo.; and Las Vegas, Nev.; where recreational marijuana use is legal. The survey, conducted online, had 27,500 participants.


The study showed 43 percent of cannabis users preferred McDonald’s when stricken with the munchies within the four weeks prior to the survey.

Taco Bell was the second most popular fast food choice among marijuana users, a study showed.


The second most popular food choice was Taco Bell at 18 percent, followed by Wendy’s at 17.8 percent

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