Looking at cannabis from a pharmacist’s point of view

Recently a San Francisco area television news station had a very unflattering news report on Plumas County. The subject of the report was the fact that Plumas County had the highest number of overdose deaths related to opioid use, per capita, than any other county in California. This is not just a local problem, but a national one.

I have had first hand observation, of this issue, because as a pharmacist I was the last in-house pharmacist at Plumas District Hospital in Quincy, at a time of California Board inspection and a part-time pharmacist at Quincy Drug, which reflects on this problem.

A little background on the subject of opioids. This class of drugs originally was derived from a plant called the poppy, specifically the opium poppy, which from the juice of the unripe seed capsule gave us alkaloid chemicals morphine and codeine. These drugs were given for

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