Marijuana Stocks Are The Next Best Thing After Legal Weed

Given that we already covered the best Canadian marijuana stocks you could profit from, we thought we should also tell you why investing in cannabis stocks might be the next best thing you could do.

Way back in 2016, Nanci Pelosi, House Minority Leader, has spoken of the recent growing trend of marijuana legalization, not only in the US and Canada, but all across the world. In the past two decades, more than half states of the USA have voted yes for medicinal marijuana, as well as Mexico and Canada.

The US and its neighbors are not the only ones, as many countries in Europe have been finding their ways of dealing with marijuana prohibition.  In fact, 22 European countries have decided to change their marijuana legislation to be more open towards medical cases.

It is easy to say that sooner or later, rather sooner though, cannabis will be legal in

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