Cannabis Oil Dabbing Might Expose You To Malign Toxins

American Chemical Society’s ACS Omega has published a study which claims to be groundbreaking in terms of how we view a very specific type of cannabis consumption, the so called cannabis oil dabbing. Dabbing has been a growing trend since talks of legalization have started a few years ago.

The study which was published this month finds that dabbing cannabis oil through glass rigs may expose users to elevated toxin levels as compared to other methods, such as smoking dried cannabis, or even vaping it for that matter.

Dabbing has been known to cause extreme highs through heating up the cannabis oil to such temperatures that it actually vaporizes, after which it is inhaled by the user. Butane hash oil (BHO) is used in the process, which can often have THC contents of around 90%.

In effort to explain how the chemicals in concentrated cannabis break down under heat, a team of scientists from

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