How To Make Your Own Crunchy Cannabis Cookie Butter

Cookie butter is more than addictive, it’s pure sin. Every oily, sweet, bite is better than the last, and it takes about a quarter or a jar to stop yourself. It’s the perfect vehicle for cannabis oil if you ask me! Biscoff cookies are commonly served as a snack, but ground into crumbly crunchy dust and lined with even more sugar and oil to bind it together makes for some seriously exciting medicating. Plus even though it’s dastardly levels of tasty, it’s easy to dose.

Mash it up with ice cream, add to milkshakes, ice a cake with it, get wild, because sometimes this spread turns into a full blown phase. I can usually control myself with sweets, but cookie butter is a new level of dolce. Make your own the original way, then branch out into any

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