Dabbing Cannabis Oil May Expose You To Cancer-Causing Toxins


New research suggests that an increasingly popular method of cannabis consumption may pose more health risks than other methods from a chemical level.

A study published this month in the American Chemical Society’s ACS Omega found that a method of using cannabis known as dabbing may expose users to elevated toxin levels as compared to other methods. In a study of how the chemicals in concentrated cannabis break down under heat, Portland State University researchers Jiries Meehan-AtrashWentai Luo, and Robert M. Strongin discovered that concentrates exposed to the high heat common to dab setups produced elevated levels of carcinogenic and toxic compounds. 

Dabbing, a process in which is heat is applied to certain cannabis concentrates to create an inhale-able vapor, has ballooned in popularity over the past several years, in large part because of its capacity to produce an extra-powerful high. 

As the study noted, the principal product

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