Dr. Oz Starts Petition for NIH to Increase Medical Marijuana Funding

Sheryl Fleming told us, “Mr. Clean Magic Erasers are great. Saves my hands and wrists from scrubbing when cleaning surfaces. Works great for cleaning the sink and ceramic stovetop.”

I keep a Magic Eraser in the bathroom and wipe down my tub and shower while I’m taking a shower,” said Cassie Greeley.

Christine Melcher added that there’s no chemical smell, and all you have to do is get it wipe and wipe in circles. “It’s actually magic,” said Jill Nicole Zeigler.

Buy the Magic Erasers above (16 ct.) for $18.85 from Amazon.

2. Cleaning Gloves

cleaning glovescleaning gloves

Rubber gloves can be helpful for avoiding contact with various cleaning products if you are sensitive to chemicals.

Rox Tisch wrote, “My skin is far too sensitive to chemicals, natural or not, and disinfectant has to be used in the house. I

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